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This Nick Bronson blogspot contains only a very small selection of the Nick Bronson Cotton knitted ties. To view the full ranges of Nick Bronson Silk, Cashmere, Fine Wool and Cotton knitted ties please click on the links below to browse my Google and Synthasite Nick Bronson websites with images of the all the ranges.

Mel Bassin Agency - Nick Bronson Ranges Site

Nick Bronson Ties & Scarves - Mel Bassin Agency Synthasite Website

If you are a shop or store wishing to purchase the Nick Bronson range or just a customer or fan with a question to ask please do not hesitate to contact me via my e-mail addresses below.

melbassin @yahoo.co.uk

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Mel Bassin Agency - Agents for the Nick Bronson Range

Mel Bassin Agency are the exclusive agent for the Nick Bronson silk knitted tie  range in the UK and Ireland.

Nick Bronson are an Italian company making very British silk knitted ties exactly how they should be in a fushion of the best of Italian and British style.Knitted ties should ideally have a straight edge bottom and no pointy blade.

Though still the favoured neckwear of the caring professions the silk knitted tie over recent years has become a major fashion item and a statement tie.

You can take a silk knitted tie off quickly, roll it up and put it in your pocket, and when the time comes to tie it again, it will be voila! - uncrushed

Nick Bronson Plain Silk Knitted Tie

Nick Bronson Plain Silk Knitted Tie
Arnancio - Mandarin - colour 629

Nick Bronson for the Perfect Knitted Ties

Nick Bronson have a reputation for making the very best knitted silk ties and have a big following from the lovers of the perfect knitted tie. The Nick Bronson range is available in a fantastic array of colours  and designs, the signature plain knitted ties are available in 40 different colours and the horizontal stripes come in various width stripes and colour combinations.

Competitive prices and great style, once you purchase one tie you will have to build your own collection.

Nick Bronson Plain Silk Knitted Tie

Nick Bronson Plain Silk Knitted Tie
Glicine - Pink - Colour 129

Mel Bassin Agency - Agents for Nick Bronson

If you are a retailer wishing to stock the range and need more information or a customer wanting to know where you can buy the range or just a fan of Nick Bronson with a question - Please do not hesitate to contact me at this address melbassin@aol.com - Phone: 07944 888086

Nick Bronson Plain Silk Knitted Tie

Nick Bronson Plain Silk Knitted Tie
Fumo - Dark Grey - Colour 220

Nick Bronson for the Perfect Knitted Tie

For retailers the Nick Bronson knitted tie range is available to buy now for delivery in approx five weeks. The Nick Bronson tie range is classic and timeless, once a style is chosen the colourway is your own choice (from a mix of over 30 colourways).If you have any questions as regards buying the Nick Bronson tie range please do not hesitate to e-mail me at melbassin@aol.com.

Nick Bronson - Plain Silk Knitted Tie

Nick Bronson - Plain Silk Knitted Tie
Colour Mare 366

Mel Bassin Agency

E-mail address: melbassin@aol.com melbassin@yahoo.co.uk Phone: 07944 888086 Mel Bassin is the agent for Gene Meyer (socks),Nick Bronson (knitted ties and scarves),Niche (socks), Mira (ties), Tyler and Tyler (cufflinks,small leathers,socks, ties, pocket squares, collar stiffeners,key rings,card holders, belts.